Monday, March 14, 2011

What will you be doing at the carnival?

 Will you be cruising on the river, hanging out in the bar, manning a stall or sampling the fare at the Berg River Winter Carnival? You might even be participating in the 50th Berg River Canoe Marathon. Gear up or dress up, tie your apron strings and make sure your place is booked from July 14 to 17.
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All enterprises are invited and encouraged to organise promotions, functions or any fun activity during this period. Local businesses will be involved in die festivities as much as possible to ensure that income generated will boost Velddrif. That means there will be no beer tent, for example, as restaurants, pubs and all other entertainment venues will operate as usual and benefit from the carnival.

 Local musicians, artists, crafters, writers and culture organisations are requested to participate. Please contact the organisers to suggest ideas and events for the carnival period. Stall owners must book their places as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Local suggestions and applications will enjoy first priority. Only bigger companies such as Coke, Lipton, Rooibos, from outside the orders of Velddrif will be asked to participate.

Contact details:, or hand in written suggestions at Velddrif Tourism Office at Velddrif Library in Voortrekker Road.

Contact the following people to organise an event or concert or to rent a stall:

Nellie de Klerk (072-348 6226) - Pelican Harbour, art and stalls.
Chantal (082-496 8931), Soverby Lapa - Laaiplek Harbour area (heritage, culture and stalls)
Des en Marina Clunie (083-415 9524) - Bokkom Avenue (art and stalls relating to our bokkom trade)
Sandra Olivier (073-456 9663) & Tourism Office (022- 783 1821) - Square opposite Municipality (small business, tourism and stalls)
Port Owen Yacht Club (022-783 1923) - River activities (boat trips, rafts, etc.)

This giant painting of Bokkom Avenue is one of the attractions at
Pelican Harbour centre. It was made over a period of one week by
 fourteen Velddrif artists, including Nellie de Klerk (in the picture)
 owner of Artful Things gallery and craft shop in the centre.

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