Saturday, October 8, 2011

Verlorenvlei Coalition welcomes tough stance against mining companies who do not deliver

The Verlorenvlei Coalition has welcomed the tough action by Mineral Resources Minister Susan Shabangu’s in deciding to revoke mining rights for the Central Rand Gold mine.

According to reports, Minister Shabangu found the mine’s ability to deliver on its promises of, amongst others, a work and social labour programme unsatisfactory and served papers in this respect to Central Rand Gold mine’s offices on Monday, 27 September 2011.

“We are encouraged by the Minister’s actions and we hope that the department will not only apply such vigorous scrutiny to current mining activities but also endeavour to prevent the granting of applications that are unviable from the beginning,” says Malie Grutter, spokesperson for the Verlorenvlei Coalition, in a media release issued at the end of September

The Verlorenvlei Coalition represents the broader community of Moutonshoek and Verlorenvlei, 50 kilometres north-west of Piketberg in the Western Cape in their struggle against Bongani Minerals (Pty) Ltd., an unknown mining entity that has been granted the right to prospect for tungsten in the agricultural hub of Moutonshoek.

“While an appeal is still under review by the department, we are of the opinion that Bongani Minerals does not have the financial or technical resources to deliver what they have outlined to the ministry in their application,” Grutter concludes.

Furthermore, in a manner that mimics the Central Rand Gold situation, the ability of the deposit to deliver to the expectations that Bongani Minerals has set is also in dispute, with information indicating that it ranks nowhere near the exaggerated international status that Bongani Mineral’s Director, Johannes van der Walt has assigned to it.

Issued by HWB Communications (Pty) Ltd. on behalf of the Verlorenvlei Coalition. For more information, please contact Lynn Erasmus, tel (021) 462 0416 or (082) 512 0558.

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