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River Art Route

Velddrif artists in the area of Bokkom Avenue, on the banks of the Berg River, combined forces and talents to establish the River Art Route in Velddrif. It consists of four different galleries.
Marina Clunie, o83 415 9524.

on Marina below...
The work of Marina Clunie, widely known as the artist who expresses the heart and soul of the West Coast, can be seen at River Studio, her studio gallery in one of the old fish houses in Bokkom Avenue. She does plein air paintings of the river, wetlands, old boats and jetties. The atmosphere of her paintings reflects the essence of Velddrif.
Carolus Heydenrych
Vyelaan, off Voortrekker Rd
079 835 4352

Carolus Heydenrych is a passionate painter with a strongly impressionistic style. He has been living and painting in Velddrif for the past 15 years. He recently set up a studio and a gallery in Vye Avenue, which leads to the left off Voortrekker Road to Bokkom Avenue when you approach Velddrif from Piketberg. He is an individualistic artist who focuses on dramatic seascapes in unusual colour schemes.

Antonnette Viljoen and James Bennet have their aRt27 Gallery for upcycled art at 209 Voortrekker Road, close to the Vye Avenue turn-off to Bokkom Avenue, therefore close to Carolus's place. They make sculptures and singular pieces of furniture from redundant materials.
Visit Des Clunie,
at Ek en Djy Vissery next to
River Studio in Bokkomlaan.
James Bennet and
Antonnette Viljoen

076 587 3899 / 076 548 8270

Look for the round blue-and-white River Art Route signs.

(1) Susan Kemp, 146 Voortrekker Rd. (CLOSED)
(2) Marina Clunie, River Studio, Bokkom Avenue.
(3) Carolus Heydenrych, Vye Avenue.
(4) James Bennet and Antonnette Viljoen, aRt27 Gallery, 209 Voortrekker Rd.

River Art Route and
Bokkomlaan offer more than
art. Call Dan at 082 951 0447  to
take you on a leisurely boat trip.
Artist's profile:


Marina Clunie, an ex-Capetonian, has immersed herself in the spirit and soul of the West Coast. She dips her paintbush in the soul of the West Coast in a hundred-year-old vishuis which houses her studio.
      River Studio is situated in Bokkom Avenue, which runs along the banks of the Berg River estuary at Velddrif, where she lives. Her paintings adorn homes and businesses in all corners of the globe.

Marina took graphic art classes at the Cape Technikon, painting classes at Art B, and pottery classes, and has sat under the tutorship of various artists. She is a member of the SA Society of Artists, the West Coast Art Guild and the Blaauwberg Art Society.

     She is inspired by the flux of the moods and seasons of the Berg River and wetlands, transferring her impressionist fascination with light and movement onto canvas, using oil and sometimes a palette knife.
     “My life here embraces space, freedom and the simplicity yet vastness of nature. Old boats swaying against old jetties, never-ending beaches, a moody cloud-sky, characteristic West Coast buildings, the river and the wetlands have all inspired me.“

River Studio attracts tourists, art lovers and journalists. Marina made her first appearance in a publication in 2001 and since then has appeared in a variety of publications (cultural, art, tourism) as well as brief appearances on TV programmes. She has also received several prizes from various art competitions.
     A recent trip to Paris included a visit to the Louvre and the house and studio of her favourite impressionist artist, Claude Monet - the lily pond being the highlight. She is currently engaged in a series of paintings of the lily pond.
     The soul of the West Coast extends beyond her paintbrush. Drop-in guests take on the 120 km journey from Cape Town to visit, enticed by her imaginative West Coast fare and hospitality. A class of school children found her unique personality and art style an uplifting experience, and both tourists and visiting artists comment on the wonderful peaceful atmosphere of her studio.
     “I cannot keep this atmosphere and river view to myself. I need to share it. And I always have coffee, tea and condensed milk ready, so feel free to visit,” states her standing invitation. And visit they do.

Framed by Classic Touch.
COMING UP SOON: Demo's and workshops at Classic Touch, 7 Kerklaan, Velddrif: Portrait-drawing demo, Blingboobie workshop, Memories-are-Made-of-This workshop. Enquiries: Dottie tel/fax 022-783235, email Long-term programme includes pastel demo (oil and dry pastels), fabric-painting workshop, paper mache workshop.

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